The Truth About Cast Iron Pans: 10 Facts That You Must Know

Do you own a cast-iron skillet? If not, now is the time to buy one or few of these. Cast-iron skillets can turn you into a professional chef. Stop laughing, and take this seriously. These skillets are doing wonders in the kitchen, and your food will taste more delicious than ever.

Owning a cast-iron skillet is great at so many levels. It’s a high-end cookware that will turn your food into a mouth-watering delicacy. Cast-iron skillets are well-crafted and gorgeous.

Invest in your cookware, and your body will thank you. It will last for decades without changing its appearance. These skillets not only look great, they can also bring your health to a higher level.

Many people would rather choose a cast-iron pan instead of using a regular non-stick product. You don’t get any of the toxins used in the product of non-stick cookware. Cast-iron skillets may seem too old-school for you, but they’re definitely worth every penny. It’s time to bring old quality into use.

If you have heard that cast-iron skillet boosts the absorption of iron in the body, you should know that it is not an old wives’ tale.

Benefits from iron in your body:

  • Better muscle function
  • Improvement of your brain functions
  • Keep the temperature of your body normal
  • A good fatigue eliminator
  • Expands your immune system
  • Increase your concentration
  • Improves your metabolism

However, before fueling your body with iron, you need to know the symptoms of iron overload, such as:

  • Strange pain in the abdominal area
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Unexpected and early menopause
  • Impotence
  • Weakness and pain in your muscle
  • Lack of breath and breathing problems
  • Feeling exhausted

Apparently, cast iron cooking offers numerous health benefits, and we give you 10 good reasons to buy such a skillet and start using it:

1.It supplies the body with Iron

Cast iron cookware is the one type that offers nutritional benefits, as it releases a small iron amount every time you cook in it. This will boost the iron levels in your body, especially while cooking overly acid foods.

  1. It is toxin- free.

Cooking in this way is completely safe, while most non-stick pans release toxins every time you cook in them and they get scratched.

  1. Can be used on your stove top, oven, or charcoal grill.

You can use it in the oven, on the charcoal grill, or on the stove top, since it can withstand different heating levels, and the high temperature won’t damage its shape.

  1. It’s non- stick.

These skillets are naturally non-stick, since the oils of the food previously cooked accumulate on its surface, and create a non-stick coating.

  1. Heating benefits

This cookware distributes the heat evenly, so you can freely cook on high heat.

  1. The food is tastier

Even though you will need less oil to cook with, the food will be much more delicious.

     7.It is very durable

You buy it once, and you use it forever. Your cast iron cookware can last a lifetime if you take a proper care of it.

     8.It’s inexpensive

Buying a cast iron skillet is a lifetime investment, and you can find one for about $20.00.

    9.You can clean it easily

You can wash your cast iron with a non-abrasive sponge and hot water, you do not need any soap, unlike in the case of other cookware.

    10.It’s been used for millenia

There are several possible side effects of using the cast iron pans, but these rarely occur:

  • Disease from iron overload (this can lead to joint pain, abdominal pain, fatigue and at women interruption in menstruation)
  • Those who get the needed iron through their diets may get extra iron from the cast iron pans. This can raise the risk of a heart disease, advanced aging or even cancer)
  • The iron past can make the food rancid that can contain bad bacteria that can lead to vomiting, nausea, and pain in your stomach)

Cast iron pans were initially made in China in the 4th century B.C. and in the 12th century, they were brought to England. Yet, they became popular in the U.S. in the 18th century.

So, if you do not own one already, we definitely advise you to purchase your cast iron cookware as soon as possible, and we promise it will become your favorite one in the household right away!

What to consume in order to improve your iron level in your blood:

  • Try a diet where you can eat meat such as lamb, beef, pork, chicken, and liver
  • Drink at least a glass of prune juice due to the fact that it contains 3mg of iron per glass
  • Ask your doctor for an iron supplement prescription
  • Avoid foods and beverages that reduce the iron blood levels (eggs, coffee, soy protein and black tea)
  • Eat a lot of vegetables such as collard greens, broccoli, spinach and kale

With just a little effort, your gain can be significant, so why not give it a try?