Massage These Stress Points To Immediately Relax A Crying Or Fussy Baby

Reflexology is one of the most effective alternative ways to alleviate pain. It is an ancient art of stimulating pressure points throughout the body, and it can be highly beneficial for calming little babies. Cranky babies might suffer from various issues like tummy pain, congestion, the flu, and constipation.

Note that you should follow the pediatrician-recommended treatments and medications first, but reflexology offers additional relief and soothes the fussy babies.

Reflexology experts maintain that you should initially relax the baby with a warm bath or a foot massage that will boost blood flow, and help you to treat various issues.

This ancient healing method claims that each area of the foot is linked to different organs, muscles, and parts of the body, so the discomfort due to blockage and congestion can be significantly reduced by gently applying pressure to the reflexology points.

Experts have proved that foot reflexology offers powerful nurturing, and therapeutic effects, even with adults. Since the muscles and ligaments of the feet of the babies will fully develop afterward, they are highly receptive to the gentle reflexology rubs.

Here are 6 effective ways to reduce pain in your children by massaging their feet:

1. Abdomen Pain (Upper And Lower)

Massage the area between the foot and the pads of the foot of your little one to treat indigestion, constipation, and heartburn. In the case of pains due to gas and bloating in the lower intestine, massage between the middle of the feet and heel.

2. Sinus Pain

To relieve sinus pain in your child, gently massage the center underside of its toes.

3. Head And Teeth Ache

To soothe toothaches and headaches, massage the tips of the toes.

4. Chest

Massage the pads of the feet, under the toes and above the arch in circular motions, to treat a cough, and relieve chest congestion.

5. Pelvis

Pain in the hips is usually a result of the accelerated growth of the baby. All you need to do is to gently rub its heels.

6. Stomach Pain (Solar Plexus)

If your baby suffers from spasms, upset tummy, tightness and trouble breathing, you should massage the center of the foot, just below the pads of the feet. The baby will experience quick relief since this area is linked to the Solar Plexus, a collection of nerves between the lungs and the stomach.

Next time your baby suffers from some of these issues, try these tips out, and you will be amazed by the efficiency of reflexology!